Whether your needs be commercial or residential in nature, we are here to help. Networks, Wi-Fi, computers, mobile devices, and servers are only the beginning. Through a combination of hardware along with proper software and design, we can make your digital world work for you.

From employee productivity to protecting family memories, we focus on reliability and efficiency. Keeping costs low and reliability high is something we practice daily. We place similar (if not, far greater) demand on our digital world to perform to our exacting standards. This puts us in position to do the same for you. Our second nature.

It's not all about new technology and forward thinking. There are times when disaster strikes. We're here to help you pick up the pieces, recover lost data, and get back on your feet.

There are no stupid questions... but there are terrible answers. Speaking plain-english is a skill not often found in the technology world. We aim to not only achieve your goals, but also paint a clear picture, guiding informed decisions and leading to greater understanding.

In a sense, IT is an art.

The medium; glowing, digital, magnetic, transmitting, radiating. Encompassing the many areas that make up IT, we have a thorough understanding of the tools available to construct anything that can be imagined.

Our inspiration; a client's need. Every situation presents a different priority. A different story. Above all, we understand.

The finished work; we use the knowledge that only a deep level of passion for our field could bring to create a perfect scene.

Fine Line IT - Computer Repair, Networking, WiFi, Data Recovery and more.