Keeping You Connected

Networks that can serve you across the room wirelessly, your entire building, or securely from the other side of the globe.

Large scale guest-networks and Wi-Fi.

Keeping you connected with you wifi network

Protecting Your Data

Servers smart enough to know that you shouldn't have deleted that file (or saved an unwanted change), and tough enough to handle power outages, lightning strikes, and multiple drive failures.

Data management: Fun-fact... 80% of hard drives (where all of your critical information is stored) last only 4 years before unexpectedly refusing to give you access to your data.  When was the last time you backed up? Was it to another hard drive? (You're digging for the receipt to find the date of purchase now, aren't you?) Our servers and data management take that nagging feeling and put it to rest once and for all. The best part... its all automated.

Protecting Your Data

Helping You Stay Productive

Workstations that deliver the speed and reliability employees need to get the job done. Cost effective? No problem. Triple screens, and boot time in less than 10 seconds? Also, no problem.  We hate waiting too.

Phone systems using VOIP and your office's data network. Computers aren't the only devices evolving. Get more out of your phone system with an auto-attendant answering for you, hundreds of extensions, voicemail-to-email, forwarding to external numbers, and more.

Keeping your computers running and connected

We are here for you when things go bad

Remote support for when things get a little too interesting to go-IT alone. Whether its a quick fix or a complex problem, why wait? Give us a call and get it straightened out now!

Planned maintenance: Sometimes failures happen at inopportune times. (Sometimes? Right.) With a schedule in place, "inopportune" and "failure" can become a thing of the past.

Results when you need them