Websites that Sell

All Fine Line websites sell, but for some clients direct sales is their website’s primary function. These are called ecommerce sites or online stores. In addition to showcasing products or services, they make it possible to buy and sell directly online. Such sites require tools to accept credit cards, maintain up-to-date pricing, handle returns and special promotions, and calculate total price including such variables as shipping. Directly transferring money over the web also requires special security measures.


At the same time, online stores must also achieve the goals of marketing sites: attracting attention, building trust, and enhancing brand. Like brick and mortar stores, online merchants must drive prospects to their site with quality content and design that optimizes search engine recognition. But online merchants also employ an ever-growing number of Internet sales boosters such as coupon distribution, email marketing, and online newsletters. Fine Line’s full-service graphics department gives us the tools and talent to help ecommerce merchants attract customers using both online and offline campaigns. Once your site goes live, Fine Line can advise you on the most cost-effective ways to let customers know you are now open for business.