Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting is a full-service web development & IT consulting team located in Lewes, Delaware.

Jake Elliott

IT Technician / Consultant
Joined Fine Line: May 2019

Jake loves working on computers and learning about technology - so he fits right in at Fine Line! It all started when his dad brought home an old Dell tower from work and gave it to him to mess with. He ended up taking it apart and putting it right back together again. Ever since then he's been tinkering with anything he can get his hands on including computers and cars, which became his main interests in high school.

After graduation, he chose to study IT at the University of Delaware and Del Tech where he worked hands-on in multiple classes fixing and installing computers, servers, routers, and more. Jake is proud to hold a degree in Computer Network Engineering and is excited to be a part of the Fine Line team!

Although Jake chose to pursue his career in IT, his love of cars, especially Mustangs, is still an important part of his life and a beloved hobby that he enjoys working on with his father.