Delaware Realty Auctions - Website Project
Project Overview

Fine Line provided Delaware Realty with a custom website design and the RETS Component on top of the Joomla! Content Management System.

The RETS installation and optimization allows for quick and efficient access to local MLS listings and information, and comes with completely customizable modules and search forms.

RETS was optimized for Delaware Realty, providing the site with the most efficient connection to the Delaware MLS database.

Customized real estate modules, search forms and other options were included.

Fine Line assisted Delaware Realty in developing a number of custom content pages that featured local facts and info, agent information, real estate modules and more.

The "Agents" section of the site features biographies of Delaware Realty's talented team, along with links to their personal listings and contact information.

Client: Delaware Realty Auctions
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Lewes, Delaware