Henlopen Acres Beach Club - Website Project
Project Overview

Fine Line used HABC's existing logo to create a custom web design that is both crisp and inviting to the online audience. The site is managed through the most up to date version of the user friendly Joomla! Content Management System.

We used the GCalendar component to integrate the client's Google Calendar with Joomla. When the client enters an event in Google Calendar, it will automatically appear on the website. The online audience can click on the name of an event to view a pop-up with a detailed description of the event.

We used the Ignite Gallery component to create a photo gallery that includes thumbnails. The client is able to manage this gallery easily.

The contact page includes an interactive Google map that allows the online audience to get directions to or from the beach club by entering any address.

This page also includes a simple contact form, allowing the online audience to communicate with Henlopen Acres Beach Club online. Contact forms are tested periodically to make sure they are working correctly.

Client: Henlopen Acres Beach Club
Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware