Jaykal LED Soultions  - Website Project
Project Overview

Fine Line provided Jaykal with the most up to date version of the user friendly Joomla! Content Management System. The website's responsive design allows the online audience to easily navigate and view the site from their phone, tablet, or desktop.

Fine Line created a custom programmed Cost Savings Calculator that allows users to estimate cost savings by comparing power usage of conventional bulbs to LED bulbs, including initial cost of LED and rebates offered by their power supplier.

The calculator includes two sliders to select the burn hours and kWh functions on the calculator. In addition, this calculator includes an administrative function to allow the clients to make changes to the various fields included in the calculator program.

We created a basic contact form to allow the online audience to contact Jaykal. We will perform routine contact form tests to make sure the client continues to receive all correspondences.

The design also includes top level navigation, call-outs, and a custom banner system.

Client: Jaykal LED Soultions
Industry: Business/Commercial Services
Location: Harbeson, Delaware