- Website Project
Project Overview

The project called for a complete redesign and a new layout, which Fine Line happily provided. Designer Tom Brown worked to capture the essence of Rehoboth Beach in the design, and he also provided custom CSS work throughout the site. The SOBI2 component featured prominently in the project, allowing Fine Line to provide with a user-friendly CCK that made managing the site's immense business directory far easier for its proprietors. Fine Line also migrated all of the original's static content and meta information over to the new design, optimizing it to fit the new layout.

Your Delaware Web Design Team also set with a completely new design for its directory system and advertising banners - creating a more cohesive and web-friendly layout. Directories, like the Real Estate one featured here, were designed to be easily to navigate and SEO friendly. The banners were given new position and layout options, allowing to feature more on a page and place them in more prominent areas than previously offered.

Industry: Advertising, Tourism & Travel
Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware