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Nicole Stanley

Content Marketer
Joined Fine Line: October 2018

After joining Fine Line in 2018, Nicole realized that the need for content marketing was a great avenue to expand her knowledge and skills while helping clients get the most out of their website. You may have a great website, but if it is not optimized for search engines (SEO), people may have a hard time finding you. Marketing your business, whether through a website, email campaign or social media is a must in today’s digital world. That’s where Nicole can help!

She holds a Bachelor of Family & Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on Interior Design. After working in the interior design field for many years, she realized that the computer aspect of the field was what she enjoyed the most - although, she still loves designing rooms for herself and friends.

In addition to design and marketing, Nicole enjoys laughing with friends, going to comedy shows and, of course, spending quality beach time with her husband and dog.