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More than a product, Virus Protection should be considered a practice. A blend of pre-planning, user-knowledge, and proper maintenance. We're here to help you establish best practices and support you in the event of an issue.

The beginning of this practice is, of course, Antivirus software. We'll work with you to set up the proper subscriptions to the recommended packages based on your environment.

The second line of defense is a proper backup strategy. Automatic and accountable are the keys here. Your solution should require little effort but maintain consistent peace of mind.

Rounding out this basic overview; routine maintenance. This is important as missing security updates can undermine these solutions. Don't leave the door open just because you have an alarm system.

Besides setting up these best practices, we're here to guide you when anything suspicious may arise. We're a call away and can answer many questions quickly. Remember that proactive is the best approach. Give us a call today!