Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting is a full-service web development & IT consulting team located in Lewes, Delaware.

Ranking high in Google's search is important, but finding your site is only half the battle. Once visitors arrive on your landing page, the combination of design, efficient programming, and content (notably headlines) creates the all-important first impression. Because we follow the research, Fine Line knows how prospects read your page and what they are looking for. Fine Line content is written, packaged, and displayed to satisfy visitors' initial scan while inviting them to get to know you even better in the text that follows.

Website visitors want quick, clear answers to the questions that brought them to the site. That's why our headlines are informative, not cute; the text is tight, fact-filled and clear. Once visitors know you can do the job, content can then demonstrate your helpfulness with tips, Q&As, and advice on trends. Our casual, friendly style of writing suggests to visitors that they will have a pleasant experience when they visit your store or use your service. A statement of your mission and core values, backed up by testimonials, is a powerful way to show that you are trustworthy. Pictures with short profiles of your team boost employee morale and help customers appreciate the real people serving them.

The ways in which website content can boost your business is limited only by your imagination. And we can help. As a Fine Line client, you have access to our content team for advice, brainstorming, or professionally written content itself.

Getting Your Message Out

It has become a cliché, but research continues to confirm that content is indeed King. But to earn that title, it must simultaneously do several important jobs. First, content must impress the Googlebots that are crawling the Web evaluating websites. When it is well-written, fresh, original, factually accurate and credible, content is rewarded with a ranking high in Google's search results. Google's search criteria are familiar to Fine Line's journalism-trained content team and provide the guidelines used to create and structure your content.