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When it comes to SEO, there is a lot to keep track of. Currently, Google references some 200 criteria in judging how useful a site will be to their customers and therefore how high it will rank in searches. Some of these criteria are tags and other code built into the site but invisible to visitors. At one time, optimizing a site for search was as easy as stuffing keywords into certain locations, expecting web crawlers to simply match these words with words in search strings. The result was very ugly for everybody but spammers and content mills.

Today, Google search algorithms are uncannily good at quickly returning and ranking high-quality websites with the best chance of satisfying a searcher's query. And it keeps getting better, at least for searchers. For web developers and site owners, the algorithms that make this possible rely on thousands of assumptions and inferences that are often ambiguous and counterintuitive. And it's a moving target. Every year, Google makes 400-600 tweaks to its algorithms, and since 2011, has rolled out four major revisions with dramatic effects on website ranking. At Fine Line, our job is to track these changes, boil them down to practical rules, and create code and content that keeps your website as high as possible on Google's results page. Search Engine Optimization is probably the single best reason to have your website professionally built by Fine Line Websites. But it is certainly not the only one.

Ranking #1

Despite a business's best efforts to make its website address ubiquitous, most visitors continue to find them through Google searches. These so-called organic searches were once thought to represent about half of a website's traffic, but more recent research suggests they may represent as many as two-thirds of site visits. Needless to say, your website ranking is a major consideration through every phase of your work with Fine Line.