Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting is a full-service web development & IT consulting team located in Lewes, Delaware.

Email; the digital form of employee-customer interaction. As one of the most important and relied upon forms of communication (with a tip-of-the-hat to the time-honored "phone call"), the term "reliability" has quite a few underpinnings.

More than just "email hosting" we help with managing your businesses interactions to protect against interceptions, missed communication, and compromise by those unauthorized.

Beyond communication, and as services move to the cloud, email serves as an employees' passport to critical business infrastructure. Keeping your email services under control has much greater implication than just "spam filtering." With email serving as an employee's license to work within the company, it's easy to see why the term "email hosting" leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Call us today for both ground-up management along with assistance in reviewing your current layout, to ensure proper communication and security in the future.