Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting is a full-service web development & IT consulting team located in Lewes, Delaware.

Our developers are familiar with all current website building platforms including Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and more. While we prefer to build our sites with Joomla because of its outstanding security features, we are able to perform updates and services on existing sites built on a wide range of content management systems.

At Fine Line, we do not want to simply sell you a generic website built from a template. Every site we build is developed from scratch so that it is completely unique to your business and performs exactly the way you need it to. Because we take a custom approach, we highly encourage client involvement in our process. After all, nobody knows your business better than you.

Our goal is not only to create a website that looks great, but to build and maintain a strong online presence. Once the site is complete, we maintain a relationship with our clients to provide continued support and consulting.

Fine Lines goes above and beyond to train each client so you have the power to manage the content on your website and keep important information up-to-date. You do not have to rely on us to make every change to your site, although, we are always here to help.

We also offer domain and hosting plans so you can run your business without worrying about domain expirations or trying to find a secure, reliable host for your website to live on. We will help you choose a plan that is perfect for your business, however, we do not lock our clients into a support plan. Our hosting plans do range in price according to your specific needs; however, the price of your plan does not dictate our level of support or response time to you. We support all of our clients equally – when you call, we answer.