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There are many possible answers to this question. Slow processor, low memory, hard drive bogging down. If you feel something is different and does not return to normal after a reboot, it’s best to check it out sooner. Things like hard drive failures can crop up as intermittent slowness before they give up entirely, taking your data with it.

After checking for proper power including making sure a battery backup, if you have one, is properly turned on, it’s best to consider whether there was an electrical issue or storm preceding an issue like this. If so, it may have suffered some damage. Fortunately, this can be easy to repair.

If it’s a PC and running Windows 10, we’ll blame Microsoft for that one. The latest update process is less than polished to put it nicely. We can help get you back on track if this does end up happening. The worst thing you can do in this situation is repeatedly turn the computer off and on hoping for a different result. Every unexpected power off can result in corruption, compounding the issue.

If you are asking... then it could! There are also web pages designed to look like viruses. It can be difficult to tell the difference and obnoxious either way. The best policy is to avoid clicking on any kind of unfamiliar notification. Most fake-virus webpages attempt to get you to panic and make a rash decision. Do not call any numbers that may appear on the screen no matter how official they look. Call us instead, and we may be able to assist right over the phone.

If this is a brand-new issue and it had been working reliably, the usual culprit is your service provider (Comcast, Verizon, Mediacom, etc.) Are others in your home or office able to connect?

Yes. A carefully planned out system not only provides coverage throughout, but it does so without inferior technology like repeaters. Properly planned networks can not only be set up during construction of a home or business, but after the fact as well.

“You get what you pay for” is an adage that comes to mind here. After deciding whether you want a laptop, desktop, tablet, the hardware itself comes in many varieties. There is a balance and we can tell you from experience, the least expensive system does not equate to “balance.” A slow computer for years is a lot harder to deal with then spending a little more to get something that meets your needs from the start.

Yes and yes. We can safely move data from one computer to another, allowing you to review the process to verify everything is as expected afterward.

Some damage is easily repaired. If not, we will explain why, the true cost, and assist with recovery / replacement. Sometimes it’s best to put your money in hardware rather than pay for unnecessary labor. We’ll advise you on what’s best for your situation.

Yes, this can be done easily and most importantly, automatically.

We can create anything you’d like from the ground up, or even assist with a simple change to an existing business. Every situation is different and we’ll suggest what’s best for yours based on years of experience.

Once you switch to multiple screens, it’s hard to go back. You’ll wonder how you ever got along with one for all this time. Most computers are capable right out of the box with proper configuration and cabling. Those that aren’t can be adapted accordingly.

Yes, this is normally built right into most laptops to either supplement (2 screens) or replace (leave the lid closed and use the desktop display).

An emphatic yes!! Please do not use risky accounts for business. We’re looking at you @aol, @verizon, @comcast, @mchsi, etc. Service providers do not have the reliability of actual business email. To make matters worse, they filter spam erratically, risking the loss of email with certain attachments or file sizes.

Yes, we can handle transfers from one phone to another along with recovery from old or broken devices.

We do. Installations, connection issues, physical problems, you name it. After all… it’s a printer. There are proper installation methods to increase the reliability of printers and their connections. When we install, we do so based on experience with their common points of failure.

Yes, we install camera systems along with proper configuration for recording, mobile apps, and reliability. Think of a camera system like a computer backup. It should be doing its job without much intervention. Keep in mind these do have a life cycle and it is best to replace internal hard drives every 5 years for reliability.