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We all know the importance, so we'll spare you the soapbox. You don't need us to tell you how critical of a step this is, and what it means to business continuity. Instead, let's talk about what really matters: transparency and recovery.


Are your backups working? How is peace of mind presented to you routinely, to keep this from being a guessing game? Does your business own the account where backups are stored? (After all, this is *your* data.) Think of transparency as thorough and proper setup. Preparation that isn't an initial setup item, but something that should stay with you along the way. Hence, "transparency" through to the recovery phase.


In that moment of crisis, what are your options? Recovery time? Which version will be recovered? What if an entire system goes down? A server? A facility or natural disaster? Rather than answer these here with a long list, there is one word that rules them all: BEFORE.

Call us today to review and test your current backup process or to review and implement something you can trust. When the time does come, we'll be able to help quickly and efficiently having had a prior review. Not only will the preparation serve you well, but our partnership will keep the anxiety to a minimum.