Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting is a full-service web development & IT consulting team located in Lewes, Delaware.

Tom Brown Jr

Partner, Designer, Developer, Sales
Joined Fine Line: October 2009

A website’s design is its calling card. It communicates a powerful and lasting first impression about things like quality, professionalism, and seriousness.

This critical aspect of your website deserves as much thought as the code that makes it work. Tom Brown is an experienced graphic designer and one of Fine Line’s owners who  has earned consistent results for clients, and can tackle almost any project. With more than a decade of experience, Tom ensures that every website coming out of Fine Line has that eye-popping hook and originality that instantly telegraphs to users this is a site worth exploring.

Beginning his graphics career as a print designer, Tom created cover art, ad layouts, flyers, and branding materials for multiple print agencies throughout Delaware. Witnessing the evolution of the Internet, he made the decision to transition away from print to web design in the late 90’s. Tom is not limited to just graphic design, he is also proficient in HTML, Frameworks, CSS, Javascript and other languages which enables him to create sites that are both attractive and user friendly.

Good design is just good design... Tom's design skills are unparalleled and many Fine Line clients have requested him to help out with their offline marketing efforts as well. He is always happy to comply. In fact, this enables Fine Line to offer the services of a complete creative design department. Since web and print marketing often overlap, we can save our clients time and money by getting double duty out of Tom’s imagination and skill-set.

Clients and coworkers find Tom personable and easy to work with. As an owner, he brings a steady and reliable presence to Fine Line which has become a corner stone of our culture.