Hook Productions - Website Project
Project Overview

Fine Line provided the Hook Productions team with a custom website design on top of the Joomla! Content Management System.

The project included utilization of the Joomla! Article Blog system, a content migration, some copy writing services and custom CSS work.

As part of the project, Fine Line migrated over some of the existing Hook Productions content from the client's previous site.

The content was edited and optimized to suit the new design and current web standards. Fine Line's copywriting team also produced a number of custom pieces of content for the new site.

Using the Joomla! CMS capabilities, Fine Line was able to create an easy-to-manage past events blog for the Hook Productions team.

Using the standard Joomla! Article Manager and the Morfeoshow Component, a standard event template was created, allowing for quick and easy updates in the future.

Client: Hook Productions
Industry: Construction, Event Services, Arts & Entertainment
Location: Frankford, Delaware