Jack Lingo - Website Re-Design
Project Overview

Jack Lingo REALTOR® wanted to move their site to a simpler content management system and improve the results of their real estate system - and Fine Line delivered both in Joomla! and RETS. The project included a complete migration to Joomla! and the customization of the new RETS system to fit Jack Lingo's needs - with a variety of custom programming techniques applied by Fine Line's Steve Robison.

The RETS Real Estate system allowed Fine Line to increase the speed and efficiency of Jack Lingo's real estate listings. RETS is also fully customizable - allowing Fine Line to highlight the attributes that Jack Lingo representatives felt were the most important parts of listings. Also included in the RETS development were a variety of real estate listing callouts and a number of custom MLS search forms.

Fine Line also set Jack Lingo Rentals division up with an easy to use Rental Booking system to pitch to potential visitors. The booking system provides an easy-to-use and color coded calendar that's specific to each available rental - making it easy for all parties involved to see when a particular rental home is still available.Visitors can use the calendar and the ensuring system to book rentals entirely online.

Another part of the Rentals system was the custom Rentals search module. Custom built, the module allows for advanced Rental home search practices - allowing visitors to break their search down by location, distance to the beach features and a variety of other customizations. The system allows for a much faster Rentals search - allowing for site visitors to narrow down their specifications early and get right to booking a rental without the hustle and bustle of digging through dozens of listings.

Client: Jack Lingo
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware