Karins and Associates  - Website Project
Project Overview

For Karins and Associates, Fine Line provided a custom website design on top of the easy-to-use Joomla! Content Management System.

Fine Line developers a unique project management system for Karins that will allow the company to easily manage and present all of their planning, surveying and engineering projects.

The project map page - powered by the custom project management system that programming guru Steve Robision supplied Karins with - allows for site visitors to easily navigate Karins and Associates projects throughout the state.

Each project is pinpointed on the map and links directly to complete details - making it easy for visitors to identify what and where they want to know more about.

After visitors select a project from the map page they're taken to the project details page - which is also managed through the custom projects system.

The detail pages offer Karins the opportunity to present services information, project descriptions, pictures and more. The system automatically formats them in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and projects can be set as "Featured," and placed in the rotating callout on the bottom of the site.

Contact forms, maps and more were also included in the project.

Client: Karins and Associates
Industry: Contractors, Business/Commercial Services
Location: Newark, Delaware