Lewes.com - Website Project
Project Overview

The new Lewes.com required a brand new design and layout that was crafted by Fine Line's master designer Tom Brown. Featuring a relaxing sunset style and some of Lewes' most memorable sights, Lewes.com's new look is a perfect representation of the town.

Fine Line provided the site with the usual Joomla! CMS install, the Real Estate Transaction Standard system (RETS) and the ZOO Content Construction Kit (used to facilitate online business directory listings in this case).

The Lewes.com Business directory encompasses countless industries from across Lewes and the surrounding region - and Fine Line opted to manage it using the ZOO component.

An easy to use, customer-friendly component, ZOO creates a CCK that can be used to manage everything from outright directories to advanced blog designs.

The ZOO Business listings on Lewes.com have been designed to appear in aesthetically appealing grid layout.

Business entries - which can be entered quickly and easily using the Administrator controls - also open to a page of their own when clicked, given the client the option of providing expanded information for each entry if desired.

Lewes.com also features the RETS technology so it can really be the one-stop shop for anything and everything Lewes.

The RETS system has been customized by Fine Line as per Lewes.com's specifications, and keys primarily on the local properties. The unique blend of real estate and business directory allows visitors to find a whole new comfort zone when searching for a new home.

Also included were a complete content migration and optimization, contact forms, maps and much more.

Client: Lewes.com
Industry: Real Estate, Advertising, Tourism & Travel
Location: Lewes, Delaware
Website: lewes.com